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Art blogs... I teach high school art/technology classes and I am looking for blogs that have to do with art. Specifically elementary thru college student artwork. But other school appropriate art blogs will work.
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Jamestown Elementary Podcast
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If you can wait a few weeks I may have a good one for you.

That being said, what type of online art content are you looking for (I may be able to steer you to some interesting things since I work at an art museum)?
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A good resource of blogs can be found . People submit their blogs and you can browse them by category. There are tons of sites for art and portfolios here. These are all non-commercial and they don't list any sites that are offensive/inappropriate.

... and here is my shameless plug for my own site.
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Response by poster: Some of my students are setting up their own blogs to show their artwork. We have discussed the whole privacy issue (names, addresses, etc). I would like to point out other student art blogs. (or teachers that show student work). I know that there are lots of websites that show work but blogs let the students get feedback.

As a side, I would like to point out not only student art blogs but general art blogs to my fellow art teachers.
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might not be exactly what you're looking for,
self-link: clunkyrobot art & design archive
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Logan High School Computer Art Blog

But otherwise, Google has provided me with very little. Are you looking for blogs that display the art of high school students or blogs that discuss teaching high school art or both?
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Response by poster: Thanks!
Blogs that display student art are really what I am looking for. Blogs that discuss teaching art is just a bonus to share with teachers.
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Best answer: Illustration Friday was posted on the blue a few days ago. All the links on the left sidebar are basically art blogs. Some high schoolers, some college, some professional. Plus Illustration Friday is a lot of fun and something that maybe even you and your students could do.
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