Retrieving accidentally deleted photos
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I accidentally deleted photos from my Canon 7D, photos that I mistakenly thought I had saved, and was wondering, since I haven't used the camera since, if it's possible to somehow retrieve them?
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Try photorec. I've always had good results.
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HERE is another option - SanDisk RescuePRO. This offers a free trial, so you can try it out before you buy.
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Yes it is possible. If you are on a mac, use Filejuicer.
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photorec. photorec. photorec.
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photorec for sure. It's free, and if it doesn't find anything, there was nothing there to recover.
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I've had good results with Recuva. It's easy to use and free.
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I don't think it's free anymore, but I've successfully recovered files off used SD cards and hard drives with DiskDigger.
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your images aren't overwritten, the space is just marked as available. take the CF card out of the 7D, put it into a reader connected to a computer and run one of the recovery programs. I have personally used sandisk rescue pro and it worked fine for me.

get to know your 7D better. you can protect images (the padlock symbol) so they cannot be erased. you should do this for important images right after taking them.
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Thanks for all the pointers. I am trying Recova, and it is searching my hard drives, but it doesn't seem to "see" my camera (which is turned on and attached via USB.) Is there some way to make the Camera visible to Recova?
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