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With 13+ years experience working in the field of child care, I am ready for a career change. Most recently (the last 5 years), I have been working as a nanny in a major American city. Previously, I've been a camp counselor, Au-Pair, and tutor, etc. I'm looking to parler this skill set into something outside of 'household help'.

I have tried to leave the field of child care in years previous, but all efforts were unsuccessful. I have a B.A. in Communications and have had three amazing internships in public media and in the House of Representatives. In undergrad I took a few audio production courses, and had planned to have a position in public media by now - five years post graduation.

I know things rarely work as planned, but I'm feeling extraordinarily stuck. Since plans B, C, and D to get myself a grown-up job have not worked out as well, I think I have run out ways to quit nanny-ing. I've flirted a few times with the idea of returning to school for a few things, dietetics and social work, but I haven't been on love enough with these plans to do years in school again.

I'm looking for a job where my experience would be an asset and would help me take steps towards getting a creative position in media. A few months ago I had an interview for a position that would have been perfect - a job hiring counselors for a fancy summer day camp. Unfortunately, I did not get the position.

I'd love to hear about how others have gotten out of nannying or a similar type of career that comes with such a specific skill set.
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What about an ngo that focuses on children?
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If you're still in DC, have you considered doing association-related communications work for a group concerned with children, education, FLA, toy safety, or other subject you can link to your work?
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What about going back to school to be a physical therapist (for kids?).
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The woman who started my kid's crunchy granola kindergarten was an au pair nanny. She does a lot of jobs, marketing and HR and small business stuff without so much the actual childcare.
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You know, I'd look for a call-center, customer service job. They love that you have work experience, but you'll be trained to do whatever. If you work for Verizon/ATT, it's a union gig, so you'll get good wages.

Look at utilities, electric company, gas company, telephone company.

You can work your way up AND they have tutition aid programs, so if you want to return to school, they'll pay your way. I got my MBA paid for entirely by BellSouth.
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My wife went from daycare teacher to nanny back to daycare teacher to daycare director to adult language school director. The language school is almost 100% government contract focused, so she now has a lot of experience administering government contracts, which could be useful given that we live in the DC area.
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