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I am looking for a dresser with drawers that don't stick and are nice and deep so they hold a lot of clothing. Ideally I'd like a 3-drawer Malm dresser from Ikea, but the closest one is 3 hours away and they don't deliver the Malm. Any other substitutes?

Ideally it would have similar dimensions to the Malm (it's about 30 inches tall and 30 inches wide) and it would be sort of nice looking. I like the clean lines of the Malm and how easy the drawers open and close. The price ($80) is excellent, too. I've scoured Craigslist but haven't had a lot of luck. I'd kind of prefer new, to be honest. A non-frilly look and a short height are both important to me. I do not want something plastic but particleboard is ok.

Any suggestions? I'd pay up to $120 or so, with shipping.
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Target has TONS of dressers. So many cheap 3-drawers that I'm just going to link you to the main category of dressers and chests.

They also apparently have free shipping on orders $50+. I'm not sure of your style also so I didn't want to pick out a specific one.

I have a malm 3-drawer. It's nothing special, though it was cheap and came in blue. The many Target options seem comparable.
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Third party sellers list Ikea stuff on Amazon. Search for "Malm" and you'll see some similar options, a few of which are by Ikea.
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I've scoured Target and Amazon and everything in my price range in both places was very cheaply constructed, wobbly, or smelled strongly of plastic, according to the reviews. I am a pretty savvy searcher and just seem to be having trouble with this one. I owned a Malm for seven years and loved it. The drawers never stuck and it felt like real solid construction. That is what I'm looking for.
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Can you buy a used one off craigslist? I've bought two malm dressers in two separate cities that way. I'm sure there are fewer of them since the nearest store is so far away, but I suspect they still come up from time to time.
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Does your Ikea offer delivery of Hemnes pieces? They're pricier than Malm, but they have similar dimensions, and Hemnes pieces are made of wood. I have the six-drawer dresser (which is $179) and I'm quite happy with it.
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I'm planning on an Ikea Stoughton, MA roadtrip soonish and could probably get it and ship it to you. MeMail me.
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Don't focus too much on the drawers sticking - that is very very easy to fix by taking the drawers out and just waxing the lower edges (that the drawer slides on). I fixed a drawer the same way with even chapstick once.

You can stop drawers sticking easily - beeswax style wood treatments and the like are a few seconds work for many months of no "OMG WILL YOU CLOSE NOT JUST TWIST AND JAM UP FOR THE LOVE OF PETE" annoyance...
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That dresser looks very similar to a dresser/changing table combo we bought when our first kid was born. Do you have a Babies R Us or Buy Buy Baby in your area?
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Would it be possible to hire someone local to you to go to that 3-hours distant Ikea, buy one for you, and deliver it to you? Say, from MeFi Jobs or Craigslist?

I see you already have one offer upthread to do something similar.
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If you tell us where you are, we may be able to suggest retailers. For example, Copenhagen has a Teak Dresser for $150. I've had the same one for 30 years. advice, check regular furniture stores and see what they're flogging off.
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You might have a third-party company near(ish) you that acts as an IKEA delivery service, so that might be an option worth researching.
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I found a third-party company that is 20 minutes away (excellent idea, kimota) that went to Ikea today and picked up my Malm dresser for me. I just couldn't handle the hassle of trying to find another "perfect" (for me) dresser, and their "shipping" costs were super-reasonable.

I had an "alert" on Craigslist for three weeks and no Malm dressers came up during that time. All the other dressers there looked old and were still pretty expensive, and I just do not have the wherewithal right now to go to a bunch of stores looking for a dresser that fits my picky criteria.

Thank you, kinetic, for the offer to get one and ship it to me! That was very generous of you. :)
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