Businesses in New York that have been around for over 100 years
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I'd like to compile a list of businesses in New York City—starting with Manhattan—that have been around for 100 years or more. I'd also like to include places the public can visit that aren't "businesses" per se. I'm guessing this information is publicly available, but I don't know where to start. Any guidance would be extremely helpful. Thanks!
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There's something called the 100 Year Association that honors businesses in NYC in this category...
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Start with lists of very old businesses in the US. Unfortunately, Wikipedia's list doesn't clearly show the locations, but you can look for the NY-based ones, e.g. Citigroup (1812), Brooks Brothers (1816).
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I can think of a few bars and restaurants in NYC that would qualify:
Peter Lugars Steakhouse
Keens Chophouse
Frances Tavern
Katz's Deli
McSorley's Pub
Bridge Cafe
The Ear Inn
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Weinman Bros. Inc.

It's a jewellery manufacturing company that actually manufacturers in NYC.

"About Weinman Bros. Inc.
"Founded in 1912 by David and Sam Weinman, Weinman Bros. Inc is a
privately held prime manufacturer of diamond and gemstone jewelry. Robert
Weinman, grandson of founder David, is the current President and CEO. Until
the launch of Bacall, the company has been primarily focused on their
Generations 1912 Collection of antique reproduction jewelry. This
collection is based on the original molds and models used by the company's
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A few I can think of off the top of my head:

Waldorf-Astoria (although it's not been in the same building all 100 years - it's been in its current location since 1931)
The Oyster Bar in Grand Central Station (and heck, Grand Central Station itself!)
Bergdorf Goodman
FAO Schwarz
Several synagogues and churches
Metropolitan Museum of Art
Brooklyn Museum
New York City Hall
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C.O Bigelow
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Metropolitan Opera 1883

NY Philharmonic 1842

Carnegie Hall 1891

Grant's Tomb, completed 1897 and his wife buried there in 1902.
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Little Italy and Chinatown have a few:
Lee Insurance (1888)
Alleva (1892)
Ferrara (1892)
Parisi Bakery (1903)

Almost but not quite 100 years old:
Piemonte Ravioli (1920)
Di Palo's (1925)
Nom Wah Tea Parlor (1927)
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Russ & Daughters is 100 this year
White Horse Tavern
In addition to the museums/cultural listings above - New York Botanical Garden and Brooklyn Botanic Garden. And the colleges and universities...
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These guys have been around since 1901.
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Barney Greengrass (1908)
FAO Schwarz (1862)
Tiffany & Co (1837)
Bank of New York

Also, here's a slideshow "The Oldest Stuff in New York"
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Ooh! McNulty's Coffees and Teas on Christopher Street!
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I've found 100-year-old telephone directories (with four-digit telephone numbers, heh heh) for my small Northern New England city on Google Books, so I'd assume there would be New York ones somewhere online too... so maybe try taking the business names from old directories and looking them up on the Secretary of State's web site or some similar current directory? (anything pre-1923 will be public domain, copyright-wise)

Or come to think of it, I guess if you're extremely lucky the SoS's directory will allow a search by "first year registered" or something like that, and goes far enough back.
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How about religious organizations? Tons of those around (though not all are in their original buildings; not sure if you care more about the physical space or the group).
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2002 NYT story about 100 year old businesses, mentions NYC Historical Society exhibit about same--you might contact them for more information.
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there is a previously for this but idk if it was blue or green

anyway my answer is once again yonah schimmel knishes
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You might try contacting the NY Department of State's Division of Corporations, State Records, and UCC and ask them if they can do a search of licensed businesses in NYC prior to 1914 that are still in active status.
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Veniero's Italian bakery
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Not quite 100, but the oldest telephone number in NYC just turned 80.
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