Late 80s indie song ID
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I've been searching for various songs I used to have on tape from UK Radio 1's John Peel show in the late 80s (roughly 87-90). One in particular is proving a bit tricky. On the tape inlay I labelled it Imaginary Girlfriend by Mighty Mighty, but if that's true I haven't been able to turn it up on Google, so that could be completely wrong. I don't have the tape anymore so I can't upload a sample. More half-remembered details below the fold.

It's almost certainly by a UK band, it has a wistful sound, not dissimilar to The Smiths' Half a Person although it is definitely not a Smiths song. I don't think it was in the festive 50 which makes it a bit harder. Here are the lyrics that I remember (bits I am less sure of are italicised). I've also searched against these without any luck. Better search-fu or any other clues would be gratefully received.

One taste so long ago, in the shadowland, in the shadowland
Imagine the love picture girl, an imaginary girlfriend.

It's not the same, it's not the same, I never imagined you
I'll never dream again.

In amongst the bric-a-brac ...
Must have been from a girl, she must have meant the world
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You have been so close for so long! You're looking for I Never Imagined, which is indeed by Mighty Mighty.
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Cherry Red released a two-CD Mighty Mighty compilation last year called Pop Can! The Definitive Collection 1986-1988, which is well-worth getting if you like that sort of thing.
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So quick! Thanks.
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