What's *like* scanning on my phone, but without the phone? Or a scanner?
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I have and use Turbo Scan on my iPhone. It does what it does beautifully--snaps a picture of a page, straightens it, compensates for perspective, and best (for me), takes the yellow age coloring away, leaving me with a pure black and white image. (I'm mostly scanning old sheet music). Are there any Macintosh apps that would do the same corrections from a digital snapshot? Reason: I have a lot of pre-existing images--high res, but they look like photographs of a page, not that easy-reading, clean black and white. Any suggestions? Thanks!
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ScanTailor works very well when run with crossover. I didn't app any special things to make it run, so it would probably work very well with winebottler too.
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Hadn't heard of ScanTailor--thanks for the tip!
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Haven't used it, but I've had Prizmo bookmarked for a while. I also found this.
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I will often transfer scans/photos from my computer to my phone so that cam scanner can clean it up. Much quicker than fiddling around in some editing software.
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