Will JC Denton play nicely with a Snow Leopard?
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How do I play Deus Ex on an Intel Mac running OS 10.6.8?

Stumbled across my old CD of Deus Ex and would like to play it again. How do I best go about doing this?

I have Steam, and that has worked well for games that have official Mac versions.

I also have Crossover Games (10.0.1). I confess that it has confused the crap out of me since installing it and, probably following from this confusion, have only been able to run some non-Mac games (Black Mesa, Call of Pripyat).

I know there is an emulator for OS9, but it apparently does not support OpenGL, which is necessary for running the game.
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I can't vouch for this, but a quick Google found what looks to be a wrapper executable for the original game's content. Great taste in games btw!
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I play a lot of PC games on my Mini, running bootcamp.
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