Variations on a code?
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This is a code, poorly printed, on the inside of a snack package. It is the last one I need to get a very small "reward."

These codes are really hard to read - I have entered it at least fifteen times (and fifteen ways) and it never takes. Is there some way to generate a list of possible combinations that isn't impossibly long to figure out what it really says? I realize that by posting this here someone else could just enter the code themselves, but at this point I need some other brains on this extremely minor, yet frustrating issue.

The company message board is filled with people ranting about this, but they offer no solutions.
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Best answer: The main ambiguous part to me is the first 4 characters. There could be an o or a zero, and a B or an 8. In the third section there could also be a 2 or a Z.

So have you tried:

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Looks like 02B7-XRP4-6992-9MTH to me. The 2s could possibly be Zs instead.
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Response by poster: 07B7-XRP4-699Z-9MTH was the winner! Thank you thank you thank you! I was starting to think I was going to lose my sanity over this.

I will dedicate my manicure (the reward is a bottle of nail polish) to you, EndsOfInvention!
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Were these the Special-K meal bars? I was wondering where that damn code was!!
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Response by poster: Yes, chesty_a_arthur! The codes are usually printed about midway down the inside front of the box, if that makes sense.
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I do the Coke rewards and I know that they never use O or I, only 0 and 1. I am looking at a large number of them right now and don't see any 8s at all, only Bs and they all have serifs to show they are B and not 8. I also don't see any 2 or Z anywhere. I would bet that the character set used is smaller than all 36 digits and letters. A small group of users sharing the characters used in successful codes could determine which ones are excluded.
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