What are the best blogs about history?
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What are the best blogs or other online publications about history (any kind) out there? I'm looking for medium-to-long, well-researched, smart, readable articles by a variety of authors with some expertise in their subject matter. I don't want anything too clickbaity, but nothing straight from an academic journal either.
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You can find a lot of that kind of thing on StrategyPage.

But if your politics is typical for a MeFite, you'll hate the political slant of that site.
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Single author, entries perhaps more on the short side than medium-to-long... but still, The History Blog is always worth a visit.
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You might enjoy The Appendix.
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I like Historyapolis, which focuses on Minneapolis history.
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I have a blog you might enjoy about the wild frontier days of early Omaha theater called Bloodletters and Bad Actors.
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Scandalous Women
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The This Day in Labor History series at Lawyers, Guns and Money is an excellent introduction to both major and overlooked events and issues in American labor. (Disclaimer: the author is a friend of mine.)
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Are you wiling to allow for a podcast? If so, I heartily recommend Mike Duncan's Revolutions. He started the series with the English Civil War, then moved on to the American War for Independence. He's taking a break at the moment before launching into the French Revolution. He also has a separate podcast series dealing with the history of Rome.
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So far The Appendix and the Public Domain Review are the closest to what I'm looking for.
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Beachcombing's Bizarre History Blog seems to fit your ballpark.
Got Medieval is a fascinating window into medieval culture via the images in manuscript marginalia.
And Food History Jottings is culinary scholar Ivan Day's academic and hands-on blog about historical culinary techniques - with heaps of social context and the joy of brand new insights into the how and why and wherefore ye beforetimes people did what they did.
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Ex Urbe has an eclectic mix of in-depth posts. I really enjoy her writing style, too.
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If you don't mind audio, Dan Carlin's Hardcore History is fantastic.

Provisos - the website is appalling, but all the podcasts are up on iTunes, free for the more recent ones and the older ones are not much.

It also takes a while to get used to his presentation style, which sounds like a right-wing talk radio host, but is actually great once you've listened to a few episodes and is actually pretty left-wing-mixed-with-realpolitik.

His recent stuff, including the Wrath of the Khans episodes and the most recent Blueprint for Armageddon series about WWI are brilliant. They're long though, anywhere from an hour right up to four or five hours for some of the series-enders. Highly, highly recommended.
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