I don't litter at your house.
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Every week (sometimes twice) I get a bag of ads on my doorstep - some mattress place, Lowes, SmartSource. It's litter. It's wasteful. I'm sick of picking it up all the time. It's not mailed; someone is dropping on every doorstep. Is the local newspaper the culprit? How do I get rid of this stuff?

I know how to get rid of Pennysaver/Red Plum, mailed catalogs and phone books. The occasional Chinese restaurant or pizza place menu tossed in the yard doesn't bother me. This doorstep circulars are more annoying and I'd like them gone.

(If it matters, I'm in San Diego.)
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FWIW, I have a sign on my door that tells people not to leave their flyers on my doorknob (right next to my no soliciting sign). It's stopped quite a few of them but there are some companies that just don't think things apply to them. You might want to try a sign...

What I do get goes into the recycle bin.
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Yeah, you need a sign like this one.
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The ones I get weekly in my mailbox usually have a larger paper ad that kind of hold all the other ads, like a folder. If you have one of those, look in the margins or the inside and outside crease for tiny print - it should have the name of the publisher. That is a good place to start, give them a call and ask them to stop and they probably will - why would they want to waste an ad on someone who will just recycle it?

You can opt out of Valpak here.
You can opt out of 'pre approved' credit offers here.

(As a new homeowner, I have become amazed at the amount of junk mail/circulars/ads I was getting.)
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I call it house spam. The people who deliver it are just making minimum wage at best and won't remember next time that you didn't want it.
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Do "no junk mail" signs work in the US? Over here a sticker saying that put on your letterbox will get rid of 99.9% of junk mail
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Yeah, twice a week we get 1kg+ of waste paper dumped on the doorstep. In our case, there's a community newspaper wrapped around it, so there's someone to contact, even if it took e-mails and faxes to get them to stop.

(It depends on the delivery person, too. For eight years, it was delivered by a grandfatherly type who marched around in all weathers delivering from a Radio Flyer cart. He was incredulous that I wouldn't want it: "It has coupons, it has deals! Who doesn't want those?!", he exclaimed, but skipped our house faithfully. The new delivery person, well, she's so baked or fried or something, that despite all the NO FLYERS signs, we still get one every month or so. Asking her to stop gets a fuzzy mumble of apology but a fresh delivery two days later.)
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Here in Omaha, it's a side business by the local newspaper, and they are supposed to come around after a few days to collect whatever hasn't been picked up. If the situation is the same there, just leave it, and if they dail to pick it up, call and complain.

I know it feels like your problem because it ends up on your door, but you might think about it as something somebody else owns, forgot for a few days, and will come to collect. It's wateful, but it's not your waste.
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some mattress place, Lowes, SmartSource
If a sign doesn't stop them, call one of the advertisers and complain. The businesses are paying someone to do this (directly or indirectly) and they know who it is. The smaller the business, the better. Lowes probably has too many layers to work through, but if there is a plumber or landscape company in there, they know who they are paying.
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In case someone finds this, here's how it resolved. I emailed Lowes customer service who put me in contact with the head of national advertisements our local newspaper. This type of thing is call "non-subscriber delivery." The local paper put me on the do not drop list, but said that it was sort of hit or miss.

In California, there's no obligation to pick up the papers if the resident doesn't. (Oh, to live in such a civilized world!)

Thanks to everyone for the help identifying the culprit.
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