Help me translate these Chinese breaker box labels.
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Mrs. Penguin and I just bought a house, but we discovered today that the circuit breaker box is labeled in a mixture of English and Chinese. We will eventually just turn them off one at a time to figure out which is which, but in the meantime can y'all translate them for me?

This is the label on the master switch, but I'm curious what it says anyway.

Call these labels one and two.
Call this label three. (That's the bottom of label two cut off at the top)
Call these labels four and five (I assume label four says "living room" or something similar).

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My better half translated as best they could:

Master Switch Label: Main power switch
Label One: Washing machine
Label Two: Underground (near the end?) light
Label Three: Living room (near to the street?) light
Label Four: First floor toilet and kitchen
Label Five: TV
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Master switch label: Main power switch

Label one: Washing machine

Label two: Tuku (土庫) is, as far as I can tell, the name of a township in Taiwan, and is not generally used to refer to the basement or underground anything, as far as I can tell. Perhaps the previous owners nicknamed a part of the house "Tuku"? Also wonder if that was a mistake and the person meant to write 車庫 which means garage, and makes more sense in the context of a house. Possible that this switch controls two things: top line would read "near/close to (近) Tuku (土庫)", bottom line "Rear (后边) light (灯)".

Label three: Top line = living room, bottom = light near the street.

Label four: First floor toilet, kitchen

Label five: TV
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Thank you both!
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