Plans for a Maker Shed
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One of the first issues of Maker Magazine had a project to build a backyard modern shed/office with simple materials bought at any home improvement store. I've been Googling all morning but can't seem to find the plans online or any references to the project since the magazine has launched Maker Shed as their store for buying stuff, which muddies the results. Can anyone help me find this project?
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One of the first issues of Maker Magazine...

Was it maybe Make Magazine? I see there is a "Maker" magazine, but it doesn't look like a how-to-build-a-shed sort of publication.
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Best answer: Any chance it was the MD100 from ReadyMade, rather than something from MAKE?
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Try this: Building the Barrage Garage by William Gurstelle, Make volume 12. It's from 2007, so far back enough that my brain would probably file it as "first issues", and it seems to be the right kind of thing. He also only refers to the structure as a "maker's workshop" or "barrage garage", which would have inhibited your searching.

In the even that this isn't it, you can browse (most? all? I'm not sure) of the articles and projects in a given issue of Make by going to the volume page for a given issue. (That link goes to vol1; others are easily found by changing the number.)
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Response by poster: Any chance it was the MD100 from ReadyMade

OMG that's why i couldn't find it. Jeez, I had the magazines mixed up in my head. Yeah, that's it, thanks!
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