Good examples of freelancer portfolios?
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I'm starting to get more well-paid freelancing writing work (features and corporate comms). It's a good way to quickly earn some extra cash, so I need an online portfolio to show to new prospects. Does anyone have any examples of good online portfolios by journalists and marketing copywriters?

- I have a WordPress site that actually shows up well in Search, so a WordPress theme suggestion would be great.

- I also enjoy the look and feel of Tumblr, so a Tumblr theme would work.

- I've also seen used for this purpose.

But, really, any good examples of writer portfolios would be great.

My portfolio includes:

- PDF's and PNG's of glossy magazine articles I have written
- Online copy I have written for clients specifically for engaging their communities
- Videos I have written the script for, or have edited and produced (videos are on YouTube)
- Infographics

Most of my writing is journalism, typically profiles and features. The infographics are a point of pride for me - they read well and look good (I'm not a designer).

The purpose is to use the site as a sales tool - I'm a marketer by trade and like everything to have be focused at achieving the desired result, but I haven't seen many good portfolios to steal from!

Anyway, if you have any examples of websites or WP/Tumblr templates, it would be super helpful.
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Well, since no one has answered yet, here are a few sites by people that I know. I'm not saying the sites are beautiful or modern, but the people involved do sell their work, so...YMMV. (love the flowchart) (actually, most of the writers and journalists I know have a site that features a blog or other information up front, and clips as a kind of secondary thing) (OK, I don't really know him; I just comment on his blog. I do think his looks good, though.)

From a user viewpoint, I suspect looking through a Tumblr portfolio would be pretty irritating. WP seems better for this kind of thing to me. (I love Tumblr, but it has a lot of flaws.)
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Honestly the best journalism portfolio right now might be just a Medium "collection."
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I'm not in your field, but I asked a question similar to this in an industry-specific group on linked in (freelance grant writers) and received excellent advice.
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I memailed you.
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