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I am meeting up with a friend in the Pearl, someone I haven't seen for years, and would like a quiet, moderately-priced restaurant for dinner. Somewhere that is low-decibel level and conducive for conversation?
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Do you like sushi? Sinju at 10th and Johnson is great sushi, and not loud at all. Then you can go over to 11th for Cool Moon ice cream for dessert!
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My wife and I had a lovely dinner at Andina for our anniversary last year. It was quiet enough to have good conversation, but I believe there was live music playing somewhere in the building. I don't know what you consider "moderately-priced" but it is a tapas restaurant, so you can order something(s) that fits your budget.

Andina is the first in the list at this link about the Pearl district.
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A little bit on the fringe (of the Pearl), but Justa Pasta is really tasty and pretty cheap and not hectic at all. Are you relying on public transit? Foot/bike/car? Any other criteria we can use to help you filter?

Andina can get pretty noisy/crowded-feeling in my experience if it's a busy night. Hard to predict, though
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The actual restaurant part (not the bar) of Oba is quiet & the food is wonderful.
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If you don't mind going a little further west, the Ram's Head on 23rd & Hoyt is always a great place to talk, and is moderately priced. It's a McMenamins, so it's very pretty inside, though the food is not very special. Drinks are good though, and desserts can also be good.
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I am going to be busing in from the NE, so anywhere in the Pearl is okay for me, my friend is working that day at PCNA and wants somewhere close, I am waiting to hear back if she is on foot, I am guessing she is, though even if she has a rental it might just be easier to walk since we will be imbibing.
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Seconding Sinju. It is so nice - many good memories there.
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We had a lovely dinner for six at Yama (another sushi place) a few weeks ago. We hadn't seen each other in years and had a great time catching up over reasonably priced, very tasty food. We sat outside and it felt very Portlandy.
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It possibly depends on your definition of "moderately-priced," but I can't recommend Park Kitchen enough (entrees are about $30, but it's better if you share some of the smaller plates anyway). Never loud, excellent food, great cocktails, nice staff. It has long been one of the most underrated restaurants and bars in the city.

Other than that, the Parish has Cajun-y stuff, and Coppia is nice for Italian food and wine. Both should fit your decibel requirement. If you want to do Japanese/sushi, I second Yama -- it is the best sushi in the Pearl.
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