Good beaches along the Hood River where I can let my dog swim and play.
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I am going to Hood River for three days next week and taking my dog along. He loves to play in water but he can get frisky with other dogs. I am looking for an off the beaten path type of swimming hole or beach that will not have lots of people or tons of dogs. The public river spots on the internet all say no dogs on the beach so they are out.
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Best answer: Assuming you're talking about Hood River, OR (looks like you might be PDX area?)...

I don't know for certain off the top of my head - because I don't take my dog out and about like that, he's too chicken - but I can check with friends who do. (When would you need to know by? I'm not going to see anyone til probably Monday.)

Also, you say along the Hood River - but do you mean JUST the Hood, or are the Columbia and/or the White Salmon ok, too?

I've seen dogs on most of the beaches/ water access areas around here. Wasn't aware any were absolutely no dogs - just posted for leashing. Last I knew, the waterfront area even had doggie bags. But that could have changed and I didn't notice.

I'd actually recommend you give GorgeDogs a call... they have links to some other dog-friendly things, but not water areas, but I bet they'd have suggestions.
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Response by poster: Thanks Stormy. I just got into Hood River this afternoon and will give them a call.
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Arrgh, I'm sorry - I even asked Monday for you, and forgot to come back and post - forgive me, the heat was cooking my brain. I'm going to go ahead and post this in case someone runs across it in the future, while looking for info.

I was told by my friend that there is nowhere he is aware of, here in the Gorge, that is dog-restricted, on the Hood, the Columbia, etc. Lease-required, yes; dogs banned, no.
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