Where can I buy a food thermometer (in walking distance from work)?
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Is there any place in a residential neighborhood I'm likely to be able to pick up a food thermometer? There are two small drugstores, a small 99-cent/home goods store, and a big organic grocery. I need this by 1:00 today so I have to run out on my lunch break and see if I can find anything, but I don't want to skip my lunch to go running around to half a dozen different places if none of them are likely to have one.
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I'd start by calling the grocery store.
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If the drugstores are big national chains (Walgreens, CVS, etc.) you could check their websites to see if they theoretically stock the item. Might help weed out options before asking further.
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Most decent sized grocery stores have an aisle of kitchen utensils. They would most likely have, at the very least, a non-digital instant read thermometer. Chances are they'll also carry oven thermometers and digital probes.
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My bet is on the grocery store, with the national chain drugstore a close second.

Walgreens has this in-stock in stores.

CVS has this, which may or may not be in your local store.
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Thank you! -- The grocery store had it. (Ruthless Bunny, I deeply appreciate you checking the web sites for me, but was trying to avoid meat thermometers because I needed one that measures all the way down to 0 degrees, and some of them don't.)
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