Suggestions on Where to Submit a Non-Game iPhone App for Review
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I've recently created an iPhone app that's not a game, but falls more in the "Entertainment" category (it uses Twitter to predict the future). And I'm not sure where I should try to send it for review/exposure, as most review sites are game-oriented. I've tried the usual suspects (MeFi Projects, submitted to BoingBoing, shared on FB and Twitter), but am surprised at how quickly I'm running out of ideas for places to send this guy to.

This is my first iPhone app, and I'm still in disbelief that the thing is available on the App Store (yay). I feel like I'm good at making things, but less good at the actual promotion of said things.

In digging around, a lot of the app review sites I've seen seem like aggregators, and/or have some kind of "paid" review system. I found a large list of sites that review apps, but that feels like shooting in the dark.

I think having a link to my app's website here would help, but I'm intentionally omitting that for fear someone will think I'm trying to backdoor in a self-promo URL. I'll include it if one of the mods thinks that's appropriate. I can also provide more details as to what the app does, if others thinks that would help answer the question. Thanks!
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Send it to bloggers that are into that kind of statistical work, betting on future events, stock picking, etc.

Post a Show HN on Hacker News.

Make a reddit AMA about betting or whatever your app is for and maybe they'll want to know what it is.

Also, do send a press kit to as many review sites as you can, but don't count on much.
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The only review site I read is App Advice. I found it through AskMe.
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Also, I know you're speaking generally in your question, but it's confusing to me that it's an app. Wouldn't the prediction engine be just a server that pulls in feeds and does calculations, maybe with a web interface? So, if you're not explaining clearly why the key to it is that it's installed on your phone, you might be losing potentially interested people when they do pay attention. (This is not product advice at all, just a thought on how you describe it.)
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Thanks for the responses. Michaelh - the app really is more frivolous than what you're describing, and "predict the future" is really a loose description.

The website is here: I guess I should have included it in the original question, for better context. Just wanted to avoid self-linking.
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Tough love: I looked at your site and it is not at all clear to me what your app does or why it is interesting. I know you have a few more examples on the App Store page but still, I don't get it. Maybe rethink your page and description?
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Ah, it looks like some sort of goofy tech/art project - which is cool! But basically has a 0% chance to get attention from app review press. I'd try to hawk it to blogs that focus on weird little finds.

Also, hate to say it, but the 99c is probably not helping. You probably won't get many downloads as is unless it's free. Either way, definitely have all your friends/family buy and leave reviews.
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Thanks everyone. Appreciate all the advice and suggestions, tough love and all. I'll add App Advice to my list to submit to, but if any specific niche blogs (a la BoingBoing) come to mind, I'm all ears. Thanks again!
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