Whitewash Mefi?
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My internet is dragging at the moment, it is crazy slow, speeds I have not known since dial-up! When I eventually get to Mefi, it is white with all the formatting gone crazy. It is the same for all of Mefi, Ask, and Meta. It is not a problem, although it is a bit head-doing and strange to negotiate my way around, but my question is -how/why does this happen? Is it at the Metafilter end or is it the browser end? And if the Mefi end, how does it work? (Answers laypeople can understand as much as possible please, although if someone wants to throw in a technical explanation then that would be cool for those who are into it and want to know that side of things) Sometimes I manage to get the right colour, and on Preview, I am back on the green!
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You'd get the all white if the css (style) files aren't getting served to your browser. It sounds like you just had a *really* bad connection for a few minutes, and it's all better now.
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This sometimes happens here too, drives me nuts when that happens (and it seems to happen only on metafilter. Usually my browser waits out other pages to load their stuff, even if it takes time). Sometimes it seems due to a problem on my end, but a few times it was definitely over at the other one. One thing to do if it doesn't improve after your connection got stable again is to re-set your browser, to prevent the system from perpetuating that particular display pattern.
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Yeah, first thing I'd try is a hard reload: one of CTRL+SHIFT+R, CTRL+F5, or Command+R on most browsers. That should encourage your browser to read the CSS file containing the style/formatting information again.

If that doesn't work and you happen to be running an extension such as AdBlock or NoScript this FAQ entry might be relevant.

However, since you mention slow overall internet, it's possible your browser simply can't get to the file with the style information before it gives up. In that case you could reboot your router/modem/etc., maybe reboot pc or try other pc/phone/tablet to rule out a wonky pc; beyond that, complain to your ISP or check if they have current incidents/maintenance (if you can get their site to load, that is).

Considering this is specific to Metafilter though I'm going to be a stickler for protocol here and close this thread. Site-specific tech issues and bug reports are always welcome in MetaTalk of course. In this case it looks like the problem seems not to be affecting any other users so just drop us a note at the contact form if you continue to have problems and we'll see what else we can try. Thanks!
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