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Help me find sound editing software to create an MP3 routine to automate my morning tasks.

I think making an audio file that will allot me time for each part of my morning routine will help me actually getting out the door on time in the morning, so I'm determined to make my morning audio routine a reality.

What would be good software (it doesn't have to be free, but I don't think more than $60, if possible), that I could use to:

- set minutes of time between my tasks
- play some background music in between the prompts, and (here's the weird part)
- have a computer voice read aloud what I want it to say

When I had an iMac many years ago, there was a program that would read aloud what I typed into it, which is what I'm always imagining doing to create a speak-aloud'd say "time to brush your teeth, two minutes", and so forth. (I guess I could record my own voice, but I think I'd have to go to a computer store and buy a microphone, and waking up to my voice every morning seems a little spooky.)

I'd like to be able to insert little computer voice recordings, so it'd be great if I could kind of move an "top level" computer voice recording around over a background "music" recording without having to cut or lengthen the rest of the recording, because I'll probably have to scoot around the time between tasks several time until I get the time right, but I realize I'm getting pretty demanding, here.

Anyhow, that's my special dream that I think could change my life quite a lot.

Thank you for any help in finding this!
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When I had an iMac many years ago...

What OS do you want this software to run on?
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Oops, sorry. I have Windows 8.
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I think Audacity would be sufficient for your audio editing, you can use it to combine multiple mp3's. And it's free!

Simple speech synthesisers have been around for a long time, I'm sure you can find something online - here's one I googled up:

And here's a sample: "time to brush your teeth, two minutes"

I think this is an awesome idea, I might try it for myself!
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AT&T Labs has a nice text to speech demo with a few voices. I'll second Audacity for compositing the voice samples together with your background music tracks.
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If you don't mind a bit of scripting, here's a powershell script I wrote that does basically what you want.
posted by Aleyn at 12:58 AM on June 27, 2014

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