Error in letter of recommendation
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I just received a very nice and thoughtful letter of recommendation from one of the doctor's I've been working with for the past 2 years. The problem is he said we've worked together for 3.

How bad will that look to any future employers? Is the clout of the institution and tone of the letter all they'll be concerned about?

I have a recommendation from another doctor and plan on getting one from my supervisor, as well. The place I work is nationally renowned and I plan on handing the letters in with my resume at future interviews.

For reasons (probably not good ones) I'd rather not ask this particular doctor to re-do the letter if I don't need to.
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Don't sweat it- is unlikely anyone reading the letter will even notice and if they do, they'll just assume he rounded up the timing.
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Not an issue. No one will notice or care.
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No biggie. You'll be fine.
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I wrote a letter of recommendation for someone. I said, "I've known her for over six years and she's always…." She asked me, "You know we've known each other for ten years, right?" My response, "Well, ten is more than six, right?"

I wouldn't sweat it.
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Non-issue. Forget all about it. Go forth and conquer.
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Thanks! I suspected I was lumping other anxieties into this.
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Agreed that it's not a problem. For the future, it's not a bad idea to send your CV / resume to anyone who is writing a letter for you. They might not read it, but it could be a useful memory-jogger.
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