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I'm helping a non-profit organization that gets dozens of inquiries a day distribute the workload among a number of volunteers (around 70). I wanted to use Google's Collaborative Inbox for this, as it allows multiple users to respond from the same email address, mark message status (complete, requires response, does not require response), and assign messages to a particular user. The crucial feature it lacks is automatic assignment to particular support volunteers based on keywords or email address received from (e.g. goes into the same inbox as all the others, but is auto-assigned to the volunteer who specializes in metalworkers). What alternatives to Google Groups are there for this scenario? Free options are ideal, but we have a budget in the tens of dollars a month if required.
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User Voice is absolutely brilliant for this sort of thing. The free edition includes custom rules which you can use to route requests to the right people or groups. If you wanted to check out more advanced features, there is a 30 day trial. Very easy to integrate into an existing website too.
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This is exactly the purpose of, and it starts at $3/month. I use it currently and love it, well, at least as much as one could love a ticketing/support system.
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