Where to buy fake flowers?
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I would like recommendations for good places to buy high quality artificial flowers. Online stores or places in NYC. Money little object as long as they look good.

I have found plenty of vendors online, but don't know anybody who has purchased from them.
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My mom shops at the flower factory a lot. Neat place with tons of different stuff. But not personally being am expert in such matters, I don't know if this is quite what you're looking for.
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Aren't there tons of flower shops on W. 28th Street, just west of 5th Avenue? I seem to remember there being a mix of real and artificial flowers at those places -- it's worth a browse. (Some stores may only be wholesale, though.)
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Not sure how you define high quality, but when I went through my fake flowers phase, I found that some of the ones at Pier One were terrific.
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My Mom loves Petals. I think they look pretty realistic. Plus they have a 30 day return policy.
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High quality = ones that look as real as possible. Thanks ppl, these suggestions all look good.
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Just another vote for Petals. My mom's house is filled with both fake plants and fake flowers from them and people always comment on how gorgeous they are and wondering how she does it. They have no idea they're fake. (She usually tells them, though.)
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