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I'm looking for a great project management & time tracking app that meets these criteria: 1. Not cloud-hosted (i.e., must be installed on our own servers) for legal reasons. 2. Great iOS apps. 3. Capacity to handle a team of multiple people, not just a single individual's projects 4. Painless time tracking (with reporting for the manager) 5. Ability to create tasks or projects (either, I'm flexible), estimate time in advance, track actual time spent, and report on difference between estimated time and actual time.

I'd be willing to pay literally any amount of money for this. I would pay ALL the money if the solution also imported calendar entries from Exchange, to help in estimating the amount of time available for work during an upcoming week, but I don't expect that.

This doesn't sound like a tall order to me, but I can't seem to find any solutions that meet these criteria, despite extensive searching. Any suggestions?
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At Task can be done on client site (we're hosted, but you can install it on your own servers).

The iPhone app is pretty cool (i can basically do everything i need to from my phone)

It is done by team assignments (which then get filtered into assignments that users from the team can take on) with a manager being notified of what the tasks each user is working on.

It has both tasks and projects (tasks being assigned from a specific project) with time logged, time billed, estimated time, etc etc.

We only recently switched over to it - but I'm already obsessed.

It also has an AWESOME Outlook plugin so you can assign stuff straight from your email instead of logging into the system through a separate web page.

I haven't figured out how to get calendar entry imports yet - but you do have a report of available resource time on a day to day basis, which is pretty nifty.

just as a side note - i am not afliated with At Task, just geeking out over our new software
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Response by poster: Thanks! I appreciate the recommendation. However, I looked into At Task, and it looks to me as if the iOS apps have very limited functionality: they can be used to view tasks and progress, but not to add or update tasks or projects. Is that right? If so, that's the dealbreaker for us: some of our team members would be entirely mobile.
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