Best Twitter app for viewing photos (iPhone)
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I love Twitter, and it's a big part of my social life, but I loathe all the (iPhone) Twitter apps out there (that I know of so far). There seems to be a lot of great features, but spread across multiple apps - where's my dream app??

Mostly, I want just 2 things - full size images viewed in feed like the official Twitter app (not silly little thumbnails, or links, you need to tap to view) and a tweet marker feature.

In other words, I'm happy with the official app, but I hate how they make you scroll back to last tweet viewed after loading more tweets. It's such a frustrating waste of time.

Maybe I just don't know how to set up tweet marker in the official Twitter app, or else there actually is my dream app out there - I just need help to find it!
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TweetBot handles the tweet marking issue cleanly, as far as I've ever experienced, via iCloud, or the Tweet Marker service if you prefer it. I've never used the Tweet Marker option, but assume if you're happy with it already it should behave here.

I'm not sure what you mean by images being full size "like the official app," as I just looked at it and the images there do get cropped in the timeline. That said, TweetBot's cropping is near-identical to that of the official client. (It seems like they use different methods for selecting the focus point.)
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Seconding Tweetbot, it's great. Especially Tweetbot 3, the most recent one.
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Su, I meant full size as in the pictures are the width of the feed, not a thumbnail. I know they're cropped on the official Twitter app but only slightly in comparison to thumbnails.

I looked at tweetbot 3 in the app store but all I see is thumbnail images and image links in the timeline examples :( I don't want to pay $6+ to find out it's just like all the other apps.

I'm beginning to think the app I'm looking for truly doesn't exist.
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I can confirm that Tweetbot 3 does feed-width thumbnails (excluding the 1/6th column of space at the side where the user icons are) and loads a full size image when tapped. Turning the device on its side makes it go full screen, if the source image is big enough. You can also pinch to zoom etc.
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Zaire: Okay, I see what's going on. The screenshots in the store exclusively show the image setting toggled to small. I've been using the app so long I'm not even sure what the default is. Here's what the large option looks like.
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