"Emergency" alterations in Copenhagen, Denmark
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FashionEmergencyFilter: I am in Copenhagen for an academic conference at which I am presenting. I had tailoring done on two special athletic fit sports coats, which was repeatedly delayed by the tailor to the point I had to grab the jackets immediately before my flight. But here I discovered that the tailoring was incomplete or perhaps not even started, due to a mixup, incompetence, whatever. Is it at all possible to get something like a next day or two alteration job done, anywhere, much less in Copenhagen?
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Are you staying at a hotel? Call down to the concierge/front desk, they may be able to help you with this if nobody here has recommendations.
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Seconding LobsterMitten: this situation is exactly what concierges are for.
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Unfortunately, I am staying with my senior colleagues who opted for AirBnB, but otherwise that would be a great suggestion. It seems like there may be some advantages to not staying at some random person's apartment. :)
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This is perhaps too devious, but you could walk into a hotel lobby and ask the concierge as if you were a guest. I've actually gotten a taxi that way a couple of times when I was having no luck finding one on the street in random cities.
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I use a South Asian guy who has set up shop in the arcade between Mattheusgade and Vesterbrogade. At the Mattheusgade end, near Netto.

I don't know how complicated the work you need is, I just get repairs done, but it looks like he gets a lot of custom. He speaks English as well.
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