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Download limit question: If I can only download 20gb of data a month, whats the best (free) windows software for measuring and analysing all traffic coming in (and out) of my internet connection? Thanks...
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If your ISP sets bandwidth caps, they should also have a web-based way for you to track your useage (they track you, and makes those reports available to you).

My ISP usually under-reports how much I d/l, but as long as I'm under the /month cap according to them, I'm ok.
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Best answer: As mentioned before in a similar thread, netmeter is good, lightweight, customizable and free. I use it, purely for interest's sake. There are a multitude of other similar tools, though.
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Response by poster: well first of all, my isp is useless, but i'm stuck with them for the moment (its clearwire), and they dont provide a web app for tracking usage.

As for the multitude of other tools out there, that was pretty much why i was asking for a specific recommendation. I'll have a look at netmeter though, so thanks for that.
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There are also some router based utilities for doing this. (ex: custom firmware that can be flashed onto Linksys routers)
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I use netpersec for this. It's an old PC Magazine utility that is not crap — unlike most of the alternatives.

The only hitch is that it used to be free, but now they try to charge a pittance for it. If you search google for "", you'll find quite a few people who didn't realize it changed.
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DU Meter is a popular net traffic monitor that I have been happily using for years.
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