Recent quirky romantic comedies?
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Just saw and really liked The Lunchbox. What are some other quirky, intelligent, modern romantic comedies? International titles appreciated, but not at all necessary.
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Dhobi Ghat is kind of the same style of story.
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I would recommend Heartbreaker
and Priceless

Both are French romcoms. I tend to think the French have the best romcoms because their cheesiness comes off as more romantic for some reason.
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I loved Broken English.
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Obvious Child, obviously.
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I enjoyed The Giant Mechanical Man
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These all look great - please keep'em coming!
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Not entirely sure it's romantic, but Safety Not Guaranteed?
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TiMER. I liked it quite a lot more than I thought I would.
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The Baxter
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Beginners was great.
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Not sure if it counts as modern enough (which is sort of its point), but one of my all-time quirky, intelligent and romantic favorites: Crossing Delancey.
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Leap Year
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Populaire- Cute, quirky French film set in the 50s.
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In A Day
The Matchmaker
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Today's Special
I Do (for certain values of recent)
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In a World
Romantics Anonymous (French)
Enough Said
The ultimate rom-com: Much Ado About Nothing
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A perfect plan (French)
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Thanks muchly - will write with notes as we watch our way through these!
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Love on a Diet
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Mostly Martha is a very enjoyable German romcom.
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It's actually a breakup movie, but Celeste and Jesse Forever is a quirky recent romantic comedy.
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Tonight You're Mine
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I am SO EXCITED to watch ALL OF THESE!!!!
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I adore these kinds of movies - and watch them constantly. A few favourites:

- nthing Waitress

- nthing Mostly Martha - there's also a 2007 USian remake of this, starring Catherine Zeta-Jones and Aaron Eckhart called No Reservations. For me, the German original wins by a mile.

- Danish film from 2000, Italian for Beginners [original title: Italiensk for begyndere] -- subtle and amazing about the start of an Italian language course in a bleak Danish town, the route for learners to find their happiness and start their love lives.

- British film from 2000, Born Romantic -- very "London" film, centering on 3 very different love stories in the capital, all circling around a salsa club.

- New Zealand film from 2007, Eagle vs. Shark -- screened this at my wedding reception as I am so in love with it. Featuring Jemaine Clement from Flight of the Conchords, weird humour abounds as does a fab love story, showing that no matter how oddball you are, you can find love too (and there's always someone weirder to be your person).

- USian film from 2006, Stranger than Fiction -- not 100% romantic comedy, but with a superb (and significant) romantic comedic / touching subplot between taxman Will Ferrell and boho rebel baker Maggie Gyllenhaal. Surreal/fantasy overarching plot as taxman Ferrell discovers he is actually a character in writer Emma Thompson's new novel. Go with it, it's worth it.

- French film from 1999, La Fille sur le Pont [The Girl on the Bridge] -- shot in black and white, very arty and at times surreal - mixes beautiful cintematography with dark humour and romance. Bonus points for great Raï music soundtrack.

- British short TV series (6 episodes x ca. 22 minutes) from 2009, Free Agents -- not technically a film, but film length and highly highly recommended. I've bought the DVD boxset for various friends and it gets rave reviews for quirky romantic comedy with black (very British) humour, delivered by British comedy stalwarts Stephen Mangan (from Green Wing and Episodes) and Sharon Horgan (writer, also in Pulling). Bonus: Anthony Stewart Head playing against "Giles from Buffy" type as the filthiest boss in the history of business. Apparently remade for US in 2011, though quickly pulled off air - haven't seen this version, so can't comment. In fact, if you like this show, check out Green Wing too as many bizarre/quirky romance subplots.

- USian satire/romcom from 1999, But I'm A Cheerleader -- finding (lesbian) love at a "rehabilitation camp" for gay teens.

- Australian movie from 1992 (older but worth it),Strictly Ballroom -- Baz Luhrmann's finest movie, featuring a love story between supershy Fran and dance "jock" Scott

Older / classics / guilty pleasures -- YMMV with "quirkiness" of some of the below

- A Life Less Ordinary (USA, 1997) -- Ewan MacGregor and Cameron Diaz in fantastical plot incl. Holly Hunter and Delroy Lindo as ~guardian angels, plus botched kidnapping in which kidnappee schools kidnapper on how to "do it right".
- The Cutting Edge (USA, 1992) -- depends if you think the setting of hockey player (him) vs. ice skater (her) is quirky enough - stay in it for the Olympics skate-off at the end though
- Excess Baggage (USA, 1997) -- frankly, I like this because of Benicio del Toro... kidnapper/ee plot fairly similar to Life Less Ordinary, though no fantasy element.
- The Truth About Cats and Dogs (USA, 1996) -- if only for Janeane Garafalo getting to play the romantic leading lady here.
- While You Were Sleeping (USA, 1995) -- OK, just because Sandra Bullock pretending to be a fiance to a guy in a coma is good stuff.
- Untamed Heart (USA, 1993) -- Christian Slater and Marisa Tomei star, touching and funny at turns though watch out for the ending.
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