Best A3+ printer for printing mockups, wireframes and diagrams?
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I'm looking for an affordable home-sized A3+ printer that prints faint colours especially greys well and is relatively fast and not too expensive to run.

In the past when I've printed mockups or wireframes that have faint grey colours in them but the greys never came out right. They would often be a greeny grey colour or just not print any colour at all. What should I look for in a printer to know if it will print faint colours well? Does anyone have a printer they use for printing mockups of user interfaces and wireframes they would recommend?
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Do you have an example file? I'm happy to run a test on my Epson WorkForce 7520.

If you're sensitive to colour output, you probably want to set up a colour-calibrated workflow. It will take time, and fiddling, and finding the right paper stock, though.
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Hi thanks scruss, I've uploaded some test pages you could try. Would be interesting to see what the results are.

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