Longer FLL layover
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23 hours in Fort Lauderdale! Where to stay, what to do?

I've seen this question but mine's nearly a day longer. Going to grab a hotel (any memorable ones?) and presumably do an Everglades tour (is there any difference between operators?). Is there anything else I should do? (Not from the US so it's A Bit Exciting)
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Butterfly World! its in coconut creek, fl about 20 miles north, so you'll need a car. Several enclosures with butterflies & moths flying all around, plus a few birds.

Snorkeling with sea xp was fun too. They take you about a mile out, and theres a small reef. Snorkeling equipment is provided. If you've been snorkeling/scuba elsewhere, probably skip this on as it isn't the best reef, but i've never been before and enjoyed seeing the coral & fishes.

I've only stayed at Pelican Grand Beach Resort in ft lauderdale, it might be pricey though. Back door of the hotel opens onto private atlantic beach, they take care of the beach chairs, etc. outdoor pool, bar, etc.

I did an everglades tour much further south, so i can't help you. But riding in an airboat is a fun experience by itself, make sure you use earplugs/hearing protection!

There are boat tours of the fancy houses along the canals, i got a mini tour on the way out(or back?) with the snorkeling company. Might be worth looking into if thats the sort of thing you are interested in.
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There are a bunch of mid-range hotels on 17th Street Causeway that service the cruise industry. If you just need a place to lay your head, those would be the places.

Alhambra Beach Resort is the #1 Rated place in Ft. Lauderdale. I've never been, but it might be the kind of place you're looking for.

FLL is actually closer to Hollywood, FL, that being the case, I'd opt for the Westin Diplomat (right on the beach) or The Seminole Hard Rock Casino (because I LOVE to gamble.)

If you want to stroll along a cute little street with shops and cafes, I like Las Olas Blvd.

For a meal, I HIGHLY recommend Aruba Beach Cafe. Take Commercial all the way to the beach. They have valet parking, totally recommended in that area. Have a very laid back meal, and afterwards, take a walk on the pier. The jerk chicken sandwich is pretty fantastic, so is the lobster sandwich and the Key Lime Pie and the Bimini Bread, and the fish. Hell, stay for about 5 hours and just eat.

For breakfast on the way back, stop at Lester's Diner. It's a diner, but it's a good diner.

Some folks like to go to the Swap Shop, a Drive-in/Flea Market.

Be SURE to bring lots of sunscreen and bug spray if you're going to the Everglades. Personally, that sort of thing does NOT sound like fun to me. It's a huge time suck and traveling in an airboat isn't fun. YMMV, and I'll say no more about it.

Those blue plastic bag looking things on the beach are jellyfish. If there are a lot of them, stay out of the water. If there are ANY of them, stay out of the water.

Nthing a boat tour of the Intracoastal Waterway. I like the ones that go at sunset.

Have a good time!
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If you are a Travis McGee/John D. MacDonald fan, drive by Bahia Mar and check out slip F-18. You may get some flak, but if you're a fan, it might be worth it just to know you went there.
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