finding feijoa: fruitless / great guavasteen gathering goal
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Where can I find feijoa or feijoa-flavored items in or around Washington, DC?

I live in an apartment, so planting a tree is not viable. Within a reasonable drive is fine, but metro-accessible is preferred.
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This place in Arlington might have something (they have it listed on the site anyway). It's about a half-mile from the Clarendon Metro if you want to walk but you'll probably have good luck finding street parking nearby.

I've never been in there but I do drive past it every day.
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If you go to a place with a good beer selection you will find New Belgium Heavenly Feijoa.
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Last time I was in Colombia, the airport gift shop sold a bunch of chocolate-covered Colombian-fruit gummies, including a feijoa/chocolate combo. They were yummy! While not local to you, a quick google of "feijoa chocolate" leads to some interesting links- evidently much of it NZ based- that could help you track down your flavor grail.
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A specialty liquor store might carry 42 Degrees Feijoa vodka from New Zealand.
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Wegmans had some earlier this season. There are a bunch of Wegmans stores in the area, and I don't remember which one I saw them at - probably Frederick MD? I'm not sure if they still have them, but would be worth a call.
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