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I saw -- maybe here, maybe on the blue -- a link to a webpage with discussions of all sorts of future-science problems. I can't find it again. Help?

The page had a left-hand navigation bar with (I think) expanding headings to different topics, like "Faster than Light Travel" and "Wormholes" and "How could we create gravity?". It seemed to be billed as a site for people not in the sciences to read up on the basics of each of these SFnal possibilities. IIRC, the page had either a dark blue or black background, with some Starfleet-looking logo in the top lefthand corner above the navbar.

It seemed like a really fabulous way to learn about future-science possibilities without having to actually BE a scientist, in addition to being a great resource for writers.

Bonus question: is there a magazine of some sort that I could subscribe to that would present new developments in science, across many fields, that wouldn't require a high baseline of scientific knowledge?
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Best answer: Was it Atomic Rockets, referred to in a post on the blue from 2012 and a question here earlier this year?
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Response by poster: Ah, thank you! I was obviously misremembering it a little (or more than a little, heh) but that's definitely the site I Was thinking of.
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