Making a stylus from the bamboo in my yard is probably not going to work
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I have a Bamboo tablet from a few years ago that Wacom no longer makes. I lost the stylus. Perhaps my google-fu is failing me, but it seems that a stylus that will work this is very hard to find. And when I can find it, it's $30 - and for not much more I can just get a used version of a newer pen/tablet but I don't want to buy a new one yet.

But then I'd have this tablet that has no stylus and I don't want to get rid of perfectly good hardware. Can anyone help me find a stylus that will work with this tablet for cheaper than $30? Maybe I'm missing something.

Tablet is model MTE-450a.

The pen for is it the E-150 but apparently the E-155 will work also.

I'm not a digital artist by any means but I'm starting to get into designing more and wanted to use this for a bit to see if it is useful before I get a fancier one. I had bought it a whie back to just use a mouse for a job where the ergonomics were horrific, so I've never used it for anything other than that, hence why I want to try out that side of it before spending more money on a new gadget.

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I have wacom tablets and yes replacement parts are that expensive. I paid $25 for 3 replacement plastic nibs that goes inside the stylus. I accepted that I was being hosed and just coughed up the money.
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I'd be ok getting one of the newer styluses because I see they have some that work with a Samsung Note 3, which I have. But it seems like those won't work with the.older bamboo?

I'm really out of my depth here and googling has only made me more confused.
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yeah wacom's website should be used as an example of how NOT to design a website... or a product line naming scheme...

I would just call them up at this point. Once you find your answer, you can buy it from them or ebay it.
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well, i hate talking on the phone but i did it.

they stopped making those tablets and the pens 5 years ago and that's why it's hard to find even used.

none of the other styli (styluses?) work with the older tablet.

my question still stands tho if someone has a found a cheap place that sells knockoff pens or something that would work that's mabye $10 or $15.
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I guess old styluses had batteries to project a magnetic field for the tablet to pick up. Newer styluses generate a very weak field with no battery that the tablet picks up through better tech. I'm assuming you have the old kind.

The cheapest option unfortunately is going to be to buy the correct stylus. The good news is that it's only $30 and you can keep using the tablet you like - yes maybe $30 is a more than you'd like to pay but if you like the tablet otherwise it really isn't that bad.

Another option might be to buy a stylus from another older brand that used the same kind of battery tech, but who knows what kind that would be or if it would work for you.
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Also, it looks like staples has it online for $35 - you might be able to find coupons to drop that price to make it more reasonable.
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Unfortunately that one is not compatible with tablet.

My issue is that I can a used version of a newer model for $50, incl stylus.

So it's just annoying.

Maybe someone will buy the tablet to use as an oversized trackpad since it looks like I just need to get a new tablet/stylus combo.

Thanks tho
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