Product recommendations for long hair
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Product recommendations for long hair

Hello ladies and gents who have long hair!

I have almost tail-bone length hair and I was wondering if you have any product recommendations for hard to manage hair?

My hair does not like natural oils of any kind as a styling product. Olive oil does seem to work as a treatment, but other than that, I'm looking for hair products that help mostly with keeping hair smooth, untangled, and manageable.

Thank you!
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Alterna Caviar conditioner is my holy grail. I've used it for very long hair and it makes it much softer and less frizzy. No other conditioner I've used has had noticeable effects for me.
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Living proof anti frizz. Does what it says on the tin, but keeps my hair smooth as well.
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I love the living proof primer - my hair looks nicer air dried with that stuff than if I blow it straight without it. If you have a sephora near you you can get a travel size for $12 that will last you ages OR they'll make you up a sample of any product if you ask nicely. I'm a lifelong anti-frizz product junkie and I've been extremely impressed with everything from that line that I've tried.
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I love It's A 10 Miracle Leave-In Product.
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I really like L'Oreal Hot Straight. I find that it smooths frizziness as well as more expensive products like Biosilk serum and John Frieda anti-frizz cremes, but it feels less greasy.
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I've had good luck managing my unmanageable hair this summer with Paul Mitchell super skinny serum, acute organic leave-in conditioner (a spray, it smells really nice) and occasionally leaving Aussie three minute miracle in my hair for ten minutes. I've also had good luck in the past with Redken's All Soft shampoo.
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I use whatever brand of shine serum is on sale, looking for -icone in the ingredients. Silicone coats the hair shaft and makes hair slipperier, so it tangles less, frizzes less. I have long, thick, very wavy hair that gets wild in humidity, and I use shine serum and extra hold gel to keep it under control. Because I have a lot of hair I use about a teaspoon of the shine serum and a tablespoon of gel on toweled hair.
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I love the Ojon line of products from Sephora. Did you know they'll make you a sample jar of anything in their store? I'm also a fan of the Alterna Caviar mentioned previously (also sold at Sephora).
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I am nthing Living Proof. I have long, fine, breakable hair that is just wavy enough to cause problems. It used to always be frizzy, on top especially, regardless of products. I often used John Frieda or various 'glass' type products. I've been using Living Proof for a year or so, and not only is my hair rarely frizzy, it's also changed the quality of my hair. The ends are softer and when I forget to use the product, my hair is still much less frizzy. Well worth the cost.
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