Help me decide what to do with a new-to-me piece of furniture
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I have had my eye on a piece of furniture from Ikea. A friend is moving out of town and getting rid of that piece of furniture so I said I would buy it from him, but I'd like to have a plan for what to do with it before I bring it home.

I currently store my clothes in my bedroom in a white Ikea Aneboda closet. The closet also has a hanging shelf similar to this. I also use five of these Sterilite drawers stacked as a dresser. Previously, I bought an Ikea Malm dresser (in white) with the intent of getting rid of the Sterilite drawers but I haven't put it together yet. Loosely, I put dresses, skirts, and all of my "work clothes" in the closet while everything else - socks, underwear, pajamas, work-out clothes, jeans - go in the "dresser." Unfortunately, my clothes are currently spilling out of both the closet and the dresser.

When I got the Aneboda wardrobe, I was disappointed by how small it was and thought of getting something bigger or possibly another Aneboda because generally, I prefer to hang clothes. Plus I have pretty high ceilings so I can maximize the use of space by putting a suitcase or pretty storage boxes on top of Aneboda. And visually, I like the repetition - I think it makes it look like we thought about putting these things together.

That said, there are a few reasons I hadn't yet gone ahead and bought another Aneboda. For starters, I can't say specifically what I would put in there. There are a few items that don't really have a home currently in my bedroom - shoes, purses, and scarves. I thought about putting things like my shorter items that I prefer to hang, like blouses and skirts, in one Aneboda so then I could put my shoes on the floor of it. But I thought of getting something like this to store shoes (in a bin) and purses. Scarves should probably just be put away until it's cool enough to wear them again.

Another idea, if I put the shorter items in one Aneboda, would be to put our hamper on the floor of it. That may mean buying a different hamper but it might be nice and make the bedroom look cleaner if we hide the hamper.

Another thing - and this is probably my self-hate talking - but part of me just says that I need to get rid of a lot of clothes and work with what I have. Does it sound like I have an excessive amount of clothes? I've been trying to pare down. I haven't bought a new suit or new shoes in a while. Sure, I could afford to get rid of stuff but I don't think I have an excessive amount of clothing.

Finally, I'm a little concerned that if I put two Anebodas next to each other and a Malm dresser, my bedroom will look like an Ikea showcase. But there are worse things?

I have a long wall to work with in my bedroom and there's a mirror attached to the wall towards the middle of it so I thought I'd put the two Anebodas on one side of the mirror, then the dresser next to Aneboda - it's a low-ish dresser so we would still be able to use the mirror.

- Should I take my friend's Aneboda?
- Do I just need to do a hard purge with my clothes?
- Would two Anebodas look like the show floor of Ikea?
- Do you have other suggestions?
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- No-one has ever complained about having too much storage - if you have space to put the dresser, get the dresser.

- Do you like your clothes, are you happy to have a bunch to choose from? it's ok to have lots, it doesn't make you a bad person, just a person with a fondness for clothing. Get rid of anything you don't wear, but it's ok to have lots if that's what you like. You say you haven't bought a new suit or shoes in a while, so it's not like you have a problem spending too much on clothes.

- Once the dressers are in your house, they will be surrounded by your stuff - unless you also own a cardboard tv, it's not going to look like a furniture store.

- if you do end up feeling that the two dressers look too dull together, personalize them a bit; hang something interesting from the handles, mount some colourful paper or fabric inside the frosted glass to fancy it up a bit. Or maybe attach a row of hooks on the inside of the doors above the glass and hang your pretty scarves from them so they show through the frosted glass.
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I think you are way overthinking this. Take the furniture. It will look nice and even if you don't fill it up right away, it will still be nice to have. The dresser doesn't look especially Ikea-esque so your bedroom is not going to look like the showroom. Finally, you are a grownup and can have as many clothes as you like.
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First: how do you fold your clothing in the dresser? I find that I get a lot more usable space out of mine with vertical folding (and bonus, it's easier to find what I'm looking for).

Second: Do you have storage for seasonal clothing (e.g. light t shirts, shorts, long underwear, long-sleeve shirts, whatever is seasonal in your wardrobe)? This could be a Rubbermaid bin at the back of a closet or under the bed -- you only need to access it twice a year to switch from summer to winter, but it'll make your daily wardrobe more accessible.

My general closet-vs.-dresser rule is actually based around knit vs. woven fabric -- knits shouldn't be hung from hangers, but wovens are fine. If you have enough rod space, hanging your jeans over hangers will free up a ton of dresser space for you.

That all being said, I don't think it's ever a bad idea to refine and edit your clothing. Do you hang on to things that make you feel bad (things that don't fit or look right but should, gifts that you feel guilty about getting rid of) or items that are terrifically uncomfortable or items that are badly worn? If so, target those for getting rid of.
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I keep shoes and scarfs in one of these hanging shoe racks. You could get two or three for the other Aneboda. You can also put jeans or sweaters in them, rolled up and slid into each slot.

I think it's nice to have two wardrobes that match next to each other.

What about Aneboda, dresser with mirror above, Aneboda? So it looks like one big unit?

For getting rid of clothes: I keep a canvas bag on the floor of my closet. Whenever I'm trying something on and just can't figure out a way to wear it, or it's uncomfortable or doesn't look good, into the Goodwill bag it goes. Once every two months or so I go through it to make sure I don't really miss anything in there and then I take it away.

Another idea: put all the clothes you rarely wear in one of the wardrobes. Six months or a year later, go through them... if you haven't had the urge to pull something out and wear it, get rid of it.
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But there are worse things?

It's not really clear, but if you have the Sterilite "dresser" actually in the bedroom as furniture, well, yeah, that's worse than matching Ikea. (If it's in the closet, never mind.)

You should take the piece if you have room for it without making it look like you've got too much stuff crammed in the room. If it's going to make it so you can't, say, walk around the bed or open a door, you're adding to disorganization, not fixing it.
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It is not possible to have too much storage. If you don't have enough clothes to store, store something else, it will help you declutter your home.
Aneboda is a small closet. You don't have too much stuff.
Repitition is good, very good. You know that, you already wrote it.
Matching IKEA is only bad if you also have all their other stuff in the room, like curtains, posters, pillows etc.
And yeah, get rid of those sterilite boxes.
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Well, as long as you are going to be going through the clothes to put in the new (yay!) furniture, you might as well go through and assess them.

Weed out any unflattering colors and ill-fitting, stained, or torn items. Then take a hard look at anything you haven't worn in two years -- there's probably a good reason you haven't worn it.

Then, if you can, update with 3 or 4 things. No need to go crazy; tees in great colors will do.

You'll have a newly improved selection in your new setup!
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You could use this as an excuse to go through your clothing and consider why you're keeping anything you haven't worn in the last year or more. But if you have the space for it, and you wear it at least once a year, what's the harm in keeping it?
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those sterilite boxes are not adult furniture. are you out of college for more than a year? then they go (perhaps into the garage or basement, but certainly not as your dresser!)
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I say go for it. I have two Ikea storage pieces side-by-side in my dining room and it does, indeed, look like I thought of putting them together (I didn't--I bought my mom's when she got sick of it). It probably looks a little Ikea showroom, but I don't care. I like the Ikea showroom! I wouldn't buy the furniture if I didn't.

If you've got clothes spilling out of stuff, you need more storage and this sounds nice. (I wouldn't pay more than half price for the used closet, though. You can get used Ikea furniture for a song because its resale value is virtually nil.)
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Hi all, I picked up the wardrobe on Friday and mashed them together in my room. My friend kindly gave it to me for free - since he's moving, he just wanted to get rid of it. It took me a day or two to get used to how it looks but that's typical - I remember thinking that my teeth looked bad without braces when they were first taken off. I'm working on getting rid of the Sterilite containers - it's tough for me to do a big-ish upheaval of my living situation but I'm looking forward to it.

The seasonal clothing thing has always been a sticky point for me. Very few items are truly out of season when it's colder because I'll wear shorts to the gym and t-shirts and tank tops under sweaters. There are definitely some items that are winter only so maybe we can work on finding a place for them.

I do have a bag for stuff to get rid of or donate but it's kind of tough for me to get rid of stuff because I don't have a car. But we'll need to get a car to get rid of the Sterilite things so that can be one big trip.

Space is important to me because we live in an apartment. While we're lucky to lie in a relatively spacious place, I want to get rid of stuff and simplify more. But I already feel better about just having another place where I can put stuff.

Thanks, all!
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