Bands Like Vampire Weekend or Cayucas?
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Um, what bands do you know of that are similar in sound to Vampire Weekend or Cayucas? K thx bye.
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Best answer: It's hard for me to answer because I'm not a fan, but try Music Map to find artists similar to other artists.
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Foster the People?
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For the same African influence Vampire weekend has, Paul Simon's Graceland is the most obvious influence. Maybe obvious but I suppose there are young people unfamiliar with it?
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Best answer: You might want to try's similar artist page, I've found a lot of great artists using it. Here's the one for Vampire Weekend and one for Cayucas.
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The one-off album John Wizards is kind of like what Vampire Weekend might sound like if they were actually African and good
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This previous question about indie songs with the steel drum sound might have some good ideas for you.
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Tame Impala?
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The falsetto-ish voice of the Vampire Weekend guy sounds like Belle and Sebastian to me. Sea and Cake maybe. Real Estate? New Pornographers? AC Newman? Lots of bands seem to affect that low thumpy meandery guitar and weak vocals thing. So there's lots to choose from I think =)
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VW are Clash-influenced, so I say add some Sandinista! to that mix.
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