Pearl Jam's most punk influenced songs?
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What are Pearl Jam's most punk influenced, or punk sounding songs, that you would recommend for a mix tape for my punk music interested girlfriend? I'm a big fan, but a musical novice. I don't know names of songs (except for the obvious ones), have skipped some of their albums, and just know there is someone out there who can answer this questions better than I.

My girlfriend is going through a punk stage, just started when she saw Jello Biafri perform last Friday night here in Syracuse (and she was tabling at the show on behalf of our NYS Green Party Governor candidate Howie Hawkins!! - Jello is a former Green Party office candidate - he ran in the primary against Nader back in the day for instance).

Anywho. Since Pearl Jame is one of my favorite bands, that I would like to maybe someday see live, and perhaps I would like to invite her to come with me, however, she says Pearl Jam is not of that much interest to her, I thought I would ask the following so that I can put together a mix tape for her.
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Habit, from their album No Code.
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Elements of their third album, Vitalogy, are often thought of as some of their more stripped-down and "punk-like" efforts, especially the first single, "Spin the Black Circle."
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My kid is in love with "Mind Your Manners" right now, which has a distinct punk-iness to it (which is one of the main reasons I can tolerate him playing it 100+ times in a row). Also - and I'm digging back into my memory banks here - "Lukin" is fairly punky.
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Didn't they cover the Dead Boys' Sonic Reducer?
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Pearl Jam are my favorite band and I am a big punk fan as well. In as much as PJ is influenced by punk, they are most definitely a rock band. Plus, the concept of "punk" is harder to define than most people would realize.

With that said here are some originals and covers by PJ that should fit the bill:

Not for You
World Wide Suicide
Brain of J
Sonic Reducer (cover)
Masters of War (cover)
Gimme Some Truth (cover)
I Believe in Miracles (cover)
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By album:

Lightning Bolt
- Mind Your Manners
- My Father's Son

- Gonna See My Friend
- Supersonic

Pearl Jam
- Comatose
- Big Wave

- Brain of J
- Push Me, Pull Me

- God's Dice
- Grievance

No Code
- Habit
- Hail, Hail
- Lukin
- Mankind

- Last Exit
- Spin the Black Circle
- Whipping

- Go
- Blood

- Sonic Reducer
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They have covered Sonic Reducer live for sure, dunno about recordings.
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Hey, you all are great!
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They have covered Sonic Reducer live for sure, dunno about recordings.

They did a version in the studio for one of their Christmas singles, but the audio goes a bit funny in the first few bars. I'd also like to suggest Corduroy because nobody else has mentioned it and it is awesome, though quite possibly borderline for your purposes.
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Ahem, ignore the Sonic Reducer link I gave above, was a naff effort. This one should work nicely though...
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Porch, definitely. It took me a long time to find punk but when I did, it was easy to see the previous hints of punk that I'd been looking for more song like. Porch was one of them. It's fast, catchy, has "woahs". The solo is a little long but that doesn't make it un-punk.
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spin the black circle.
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So, Do the Evolution is way too noodly to be punk in terms of sound, but it definitely spoke me politically as a young Green Party type - FWIW.
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Nice Naoko.
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