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What's the word for when a website's malfunctioning makes you feel trapped and panic-achey in your hands and arms? For example, right now any Google Spreadsheet is stuck "Working..." and I can't get cells to update even though I can type in them. I'm using e-claustrophobia as a working word, but is there another name for this?
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I think it's a form of road rage. It happens when there's a disconnect between your mind's expectation of forward movement and the physical reality that it encounters. It manifests as stress and it can be physically painful.

Of course, when surfing the web it doesn't usually lead to violent altercations.
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A manifestation of anxiety. An anxiety attack triggered by technological failure or poor user experience. I get this feeling sometimes when I encounter complex math problems or programming functions.
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web rage
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I've heard it called technostress.
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