Need to find information regarding homicides perpetrated in 2013
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Please help me find information regarding homicides perpetrated in 2013, either nationally or at the state level. I am compiling information on LGBTQ victims of intimate partner violence related homicides, and I need to find all of these types of homicides that occurred in 2013. Websites listing all homicides are definitely also welcome in addition to intimate partner/domestic violence related homicide websites. These two sites are examples of what I need: North Carolina and Washington.
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Just for clarity: when you say nationally, are you talking about the USA, and so is this question effectively meant to be only about the USA?
I assume it is, but just to be sure.
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DC Homicide Watch for Washington, D.C., lists every homicide in the District going back several years, along with details about the police investigations and court cases.
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Yes, I am talking about the US.
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Baltimore maps all homicides through a Baltimore Sun website. I don't think this will have all the info you need to directly link a given homicide to LGBTQ-related violence, but if you find another resource for LGBTQ issues, this might help with basic details and geography. Map data goes back to 2007.
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I am sorry for threadsitting, but I'd like to clarify that I realize I won't find LGBTQ data. I'll have to figure that out on my own, so sites that list ALL 2013 homicides by state or nationally are welcome.
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