Photo scanning service in the UK
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Can anyone recommend a good, reliable photo scanning service in the UK? I need to scan a decent number of old family photos, and I've also got some VHS tapes I need to digitise.

I would have liked to use scancafe, but they don't accept orders from outside the US and Canada. I'd be grateful if anyone could recommend a decent service available in the UK, especially if you have experience using it.
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I used SnappySnaps in the high street. It was 50p per photo and about £50 for a 120 minute VHS to DVD. Although my memory is appalling so best to check.

The quality was okay although I wasn't expecting much as the content was 18 years old and hadn't been stored or looked after very well.
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I used Mr Scan once, albeit about six years ago, and their service was good. They have a VHS scanning service too.
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For scanning your old prints, I imagine most towns and cities will still have a reliable print shop. SnappySnaps and the other chains vary wildly in quality though.

Otherwise, there is a large amount of people digitising outmoded tape formats, though because of the variable nature of the original tape and the format of the digitised file, they can vary wildly in price. Greatbear, for instance, offer many options and price to spec, but may well be more than you want/need to spend if its just standard VHS with no issues.

I've used Photo Hippo for other services, and if their DVD transfer is like their film processing, they will quick, to the point and affordable.
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Thanks a lot for the responses! I tried to post an update but somehow it didn't go through before. I should have added that I have seen Snappy Snaps but they don't do mail order, and I'm a long way from the city so I will probably need something mail order. If anyone knows a good mail order service that they have used recently, I'd be grateful. Hopefully Mr. Scan is still good.

Photo Hippo looks like it could be a good option for the videos, although it looks like they don't do photo scanning. Thanks.
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