Hey Brooklyn Mefites, do you love your veterinarian?
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I have a dog, and the vet I take him to is okay. She's nice, I'm sure she's competent, but she's not the best communicator, and for some reason I don't have absolute confidence in her. My dog has a heart issue, and I'm going to want a really good vet as he gets older. Any recommendations? I'm in Park Slope, but would go elsewhere for someone great.
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You might try PAWSitive Veterinary in Ditmas Park (I've never had a good experience with any Park Slope or South Slope vets). My favorite vet in the world used to work there, but she moved away recently. I've heard great things about Dr. Perry. They are also quite reasonably priced.
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Park Slope Veterinary Center on 4th avenue.
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Prospect Park Animal Clinic on Prospect Park West saved my senior dog's life, no kidding. This was in 2010 and I moved soon after but I was so grateful for them. They were patient with me, compassionate with the dog, and quite thorough. I saw both Dr Holloway and Dr Quim on different occasions. Both were solid.

I have zero love for Animal Kind on 7th.
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We take our dogs to Hope Vet on Atlantic in Boerum Hill. We've seen probably every one of the doctors, but are particularly fond of Dr. Colangelo. Dr. Young, the medical director, is great. They seem to consistently hire good communicators.
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I also had pretty good experiences with Dr Holloway at Prospect Park animal clinic. Less so with the lead vet there, who didn't catch my pup's cancer.
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I was popping in to recommend Prospect Park Animal Clinic as well.
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Just a warning that Hope Vet seems to be a bit of a revolving door - lots of coming and going of vets. But the vets do tend to be very good.
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I just recently started seeing Dr. Benson at Prospect Heights Animal Hospital. I've seen her a couple times now and think she's fantastic. Very warm affect, gentle with my geriatric cat, and takes the time to walk me through everything that's going on.
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