otel.com --Legit? How does it work?
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So I'm going to New York, and I reserved a hotel room through otel.com. I'm supposed to print out a voucher from Tourico (with whom they contract) and give it to the hotel. The website and correspondence don't inspire confidence. Neither do the super-low prices. Is the site legit? The hotel does have my reservation, so that part is fine. I'm just worried that they'll tell me they don't take the printed voucher as payment or like. Should I worry? Thanks!
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Call the hotel and ask.
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Also this link has some good explanations of how it works and gives good feedback. I've not used them but I've used similar all over Europe without issue.
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Anecdata, but I used them for a hotel reservation in Prague last year. I got a very good deal on a nice hotel. Had absolutely no problems, I'm pretty sure I just printed out a voucher as well. I'd happily use them again.
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Update: it worked without a hitch!
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