Reticulating Splines ... forever?
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Issues with downloading the Minecraft update to XBox 360. Please help so my child doesn't disown me forever.

Started at 8 pm this evening attempting to download the Minecraft XBox 360 update that came out back in April. The download continues to fail, despite multiple tries. Can you help me figure out why?

- Xbox is connected to the internet, but we don't have a paid "gold" membership. Have downloaded many updates to other things (system updates, rock band, lego games) in the past without issue.
- Over 200 gb storage left on machine; I doubt storage is the issue. No external drives or USB.
- Each time I attempt the download, it gets a little further, but then fails. Error code is always the same: Status Code 4174 0000 D080 0200 8007 2EE2
- Connection tests fine.
- I've cleared the cache; no change
- We run Minecraft off a disc, not a download

and, the worst part, since the failed downloads, we can no longer play the game. The game loads normally until the "initializing server" page, then completely freezes.

My son is nearly 8. Friday was his last day of 2nd grade, and his reward for having an excellent year was that he could play as much Minecraft as he wanted this weekend. If I don't fix this, there will be a very upset child to deal with.
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Try rebooting your modem, router and Xbox if you haven't yet.
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Searching that error brought me to this xbox forum page.

Basically the consensus is that it's a network connection problem. You can try to download via another source of internet (a friend's house, etc.) Or you can download an update via USB or other options.
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Ok, I've finally located and downloaded the TU19 update from onto a flash drive, but now ... ?? I have the flash drive plugged into the xbox, but the xbox doesn't see it? Certainly nothing happens automatically, and it's not listed under storage devices under settings. Do I need to go through the whole "format your flash drive as a specific XBox 360 Flash Drive" process before the machine will recognize it?

I"m having a hard time believing it's a network connection problem when everything else, including streaming media works fine....
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Did you follow these instructions exactly for doing the USB update?
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Those instructions are for loading an update for the XBox System update, not for loading an update to a specific game, so no, I haven't followed them exactly.

I have a FAT32 Flash Drive, but it hasn't gone through the "Format for Xbox" process. I guess that's what I'll try to figure out today.
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Ok, I've now formatted a flash drive for XBox (note to future readers: choose the "custom" option to only format part of the flash drive for xbox, or you won't be able to move content from your computer onto the flash drive).

I have downloaded what is supposed to be the update from the XBUC site, and loaded it onto the xbox partition side of the flash drive.

However, plugging the flash drive into the xbox yeilds nothing: nothing happens automatically, and going to the storage area in systems just shows all zeros -- the xbox doesn't reconnection anything useful on any part of the flash drive.

Also, my son's game that he's been working on for TWO MONTHS continues to freeze and fail on loading, but other saved games seem to work fine -- so, of course, it's only the world he cares about that I seem to have broken.

I have now reached the limit of what I know how to do. If you have advice, I'm open. I've now spent ten hours trying to resolve this, which seems excessive for a system update.

If you have advice, I'm open.
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I would honestly take this question to the XBox 360 Minecraft Forums.
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