Looking for inexpensive long weekend vacation ideas
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I work an extremely stressful seasonal job. I start getting 2 days off a week starting in July. My girlfriend and I love going to the Asbury Park beach. We usually go in August/September, but I NEED a break now. I suffer from anxiety and the laid back vibe of the beach coupled with the relaxation of the water calms me. My concern is that earlier in the year the beach will be packed and the hotels will be expensive. Does anyone have any experience with this location this time of year? I don't like tons of people. Are there any alternatives in the tri-state area? It doesn't even have to be a beach. It just has to be relatively inexpensive and RELAXING!!! Something that includes nature is a big plus (especially water). I'm not a fan of camping. Thank you in advance!
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Where do you live?

I have a ton of ideas, but I lived in Manhattan. Not every place I can think of for a quick getaway is appropriate for every part of New Jersey, if that's where you are.

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Well, when my wife and I visited our daughter in college we would stay in a non-touristy hotel and visit the various parks for quiet time and to enjoy nature. At home we visit our local parks for the same reason. If you just want to unwind and don't want fine dining or entertainment, it would seem you could just look for an area where the hotels are giving incentives (Hampton Inn or cheaper, depending on your means and whether you have points in a chain program).

Do you have family or friends you could reach out to? Even if they don't have the room for you to stay with them, they could give guidance on where they've found quiet water settings in safe areas.

I am in NJ but it's got a lot of different areas with different aspects. Not just beaches. If you want relatively quiet outdoor spaces combined with art there's this. Of course the weather needs to cooperate.
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Response by poster: Hudson Valley NY
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You can find cheap places to stay all along the Jersey shore, but, indeed you won't find non-crowded beaches anywhere close to you. If you have time, drive up to Rhode Island or down to northern Delaware where there are lots of little beach towns with lower prices and less packed beaches. Cape May NJ is lovely and especially on the bay side there are less crowds, but again, it's a few hours further.

I don't know much about the Catskills but you definitely may want to look into a motel near a lake upstate.
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What about the Delaware Water Gap/ Poconos? I used to love the Shawnee Inn. Bonus, leisurely river tubing!
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How about a naturist (nudist) camp/resort? Most of them have cabins and trailers for rent at modest prices, and many of them are surrounded by acres of forest. NB: There may also be daily grounds fees. You'll be amazed at how low-key most of them are, how quickly you get used to it and how relaxing it is.
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Edit: Sorry, this is a camping suggestion :( But there are also cabins! Does that count?

Got some great replies to my questions regarding getaway spots close to Albany, Ny.


Ended up having a great time car-camping in Litchfield County. Even in July/August, we didn't run into tons of people.
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