You want to know what's hard? A web counter. Do you know how to do it?
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I have OS X Server 10.9, and I'll be using YUI's Pure to create a lovely responsive page/website but I need a counter of the downloaded files on the page. I also want to show the states of page access.
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You want a counter that shows how many times a file has been downloaded from your website? What's a state of page access?
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Response by poster: This link should show you a pic drawing of what I want. Drawing
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I assume you're comfortable running the PHP and MySQL that come with OSX Server.

Here's an example of how to make a hits counter:

Here's an example of how to make a download counter.

That last example reads from a directory and outputs all your files, but you could just list your files manually and still use the file downloading PHP/SQL/htaccess.
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I mean, yeah, you could code up something of your own, but isn't this kind of thing the whole point of analytics tools that parse your server log? For example, webalizer can show you this. It probably wouldn't take much to prettify it.
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