If i activate my new credit card will i need to transfer my balance?
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If i activate my new credit card will i need to transfer my balance over or will they have already done that?

I have a capital one credit card, and last month they sent out an email saying they were doing away with that one and putting out a new one called the Journey card and that i would get my new card in the mail soon. I still have a balance on my old one, will it just transfer over automatically once i activate my new card or will i have to get them to do it? They didn't really make any of that clear in the email or letter i got with the card.
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Call them and ask. They'll probably put that amount on the new card, but they'll confirm that for you.
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I have had this happen many times and the balance is automatically transferred for you.
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I've had this happen more than once, and they just transfer it all over for you, exactly like if you got a new credit card because your old one expired.
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Thanks everyone!
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