Weekly Calorie Counting
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Are there any apps or programs that let me count weekly calories instead of daily?

All the ones I've seen force you to break food not only into days but also into meals. I want to stay inside a certain range of calories each week instead of setting a limit per day. I also don't eat 3 meals a day so I don't especially like being forced to group food that way. Any software that could help with this?
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I looked at cronometer - not weekly, but it tracks trends, and just lets you put in the food you eat daily without marking it "breakfast", "elevensies". The free edition even lets you put in your own food/combos if you know the basic information for it that you want to track. Used it on and off for a few weeks, seems easy enough though to use.
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Lose It tracks daily and weekly, and doesn't require you to put things in as meals--I list most things as 'Snacks'.
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My Fitness Pal also give you control over how you enter it everyday and provides your weekly totals on the reporting page.
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MyFitnessPal sort of lets you do it, but from what I understand, you need the mobile app for that; weirdly, the web-based version doesn't let you.
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The MyFitnessPal app will show you your nutrition for the past 7 days (or any 7-day period of your choosing).

However, food is input by day. Days are broken up into your choice of 1–6 meals, and you can save groups of foods as meals for quicker logging.
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