Help me find a Noir novel that I read the first chapter of and lost.
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Sometime in the past few months I read the beginning of what I remember as a noir novel that is a about a hitman. Please help me find it, more inside.

It opens with the hitman leaving a garage and going to a horse racing track and killing an unsuspecting target by stabbing him with a poisoned knife. He then then drives away, switches cars and goes back to his garage. I don't know why but the writing captured my attention but now for the life of me I can't remember where i read it. Sound familiar to anyone? Hopefully I'm remembering enough of the details for it to be recognizable.
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Best answer: It's one of the later, post-Burke books by Andrew Vaachs. Can't remember which one.
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If it's Vachss, it might be Mortal Lock (although that's a collection of short stories) (also, wow, Vachss' site is a real walk down memory lane).
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I was thinking it was one of the "Hitman" books by Lawrence Block, but on quick review I can't find anything like the scenario you described.
Regardless, those are pretty good!
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Response by poster: Awesome! thanks it was A Bomb Built in Hell by vachs from 2012
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