Nannies/Caregivers/Families: how do you handle car insurance?
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I'm currently applying for nannying jobs and have been informed by my car insurance company that my policy does not cover me if I am transporting a client in my car, and that they do not offer coverage for business purposes. They gave me contact information for their parent company, who might be able to help, but the parent company is not available until Monday. I'm in California, if that matters.

Driving an employer's car is not an option, so having them add me to their insurance won't work. Have you handled this situation in the past? What did you do? Were you able to get some kind of supplemental coverage, or do I need to change my car insurance policy completely?

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Coverage for business use of an automobile costs significantly more. However it is available. Your situation is not that much different from a realtor who drives clients around to look at houses.

I suggest you speak with other insurance carriers and find one that will provide you with the protection you need. Some companies have 24/7 accessibility, especially the bigger ones. Hit the ol' internet and see what's out there.
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