Quiet location to study in NYC where it's not too cold
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Can anyone suggest a relatively quiet place to study(must have power socket and wifi) without loud music and not too cold? In NYC, Brooklyn or Manhattan. Preferrably can stay for long hours. NYU library is too cold due to AC temp too low. I already wear long pant and fleece jacket, just cant sit still without chills. Thanks.
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Have you tried any of the city libraries?
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Rose Reading Room at the main branch.

The third floor of the Performing Arts Library.
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The Rose Reading Room is closed right now.
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Mid-Manhattan branch

455 Fifth Avenue (at 40th Street)
New York, NY 10016-0122
(212) 340-0863

Fully accessible to wheelchairs

Monday through Thursday 8AM - 11PM
Friday 8AM - 8PM
Saturday and Sunday 8AM - 6PM

also: can you get into the New School with your NYU ID? if so go to building on 13th street between Fifth and Sixth Avenues (close to Sixth, I don't know the address) -- log in as "guest" -- 9th floor is a reading area
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Do you qualify for MARLI? That might open things up, location-wise.
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The basement of the Science, Industry, and Business Library, on Madison Avenue at 34th Street, is a good place to study.
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(Mid-Manhattan branch mentioned above is always very warm, in my experience.)
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I can't vouch for their warmth, but with your NYU ID you have access to all of the libraries on this page. Courant is usually super quiet. You also have access to Columbia's library (you can get a semester pass at the main library's security desk using your NYU ID), though you'll want to check what the wifi situation is for guests.
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Oh and scroll down on that page, they list the consortial libraries separately, but you still have building access.
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(There is an open wifi network at the main Columbia library)
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Thanks! But all NYPL branches close too early.
New school library closes early too. I don't see Columbia listed as a consortial library??
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Max Caffe
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Columbia isn't consortial like those are, but there's a reciprocal agreement.
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